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“For one who has made thanksgiving the habit of his life, the morning prayer will be, “Lord, what will you give me today to offer back to you?’” Elisabeth Elliot

Cay asked me to write a year-end letter with the highlights of 2020. That didn’t take long!

Actually, it was a healthy exercise to review the past and reflect on what God had done. We all need help remembering. The distractions of now blur our recollection of the past. And when we forget the past, we limit our future.

The children of Israel gathered stones from the bed of the Jordan River and piled them on the bank. That simple stack of rocks helped them and the generations that followed remember God’s amazing love and protection.

“And Joshua set up at Gilgal the twelve stones they had taken out of the Jordan. He said to the Israelites, “In the future when your descendants ask their fathers, 'What do these stones mean?' tell them, 'Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground.’” (Joshua 4:20-22)

This holiday season do not allow life’s busyness and distractions rob you of the opportunity to reflect on the past. Take time to remember God’s love and provision. Make this Thanksgiving a time of thanksgiving. The more we remember what God has done, the better we can address the challenges of today and confidently approach the unknown days ahead.

Dan Bolin


Refueling in Flight Ministries, Inc


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