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In his previous book, Blueprints, Bolin answered the question of why we do what we do. Answering the question of how we do what we do, Jesus: Camp Director unpacks the Feeding of the 5,000 and explores ten universal principles of ministry that Jesus employed. Jesus had only twelve interns and no kitchen staff when 5,000 unexpected campers arrived. Unphased, Jesus applied these principles and performed an amazing miracle. Throughout that camp-like day, Jesus provided a highly effective pattern we can follow as we seek to do God’s work, God’s way!  

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5,000 Campers - 12 Interns - 0 Kitchen Staff

In many ways, the stunning miracle of the Feeding of the 5,000 and the events leading up to it, created a context much like today’s Christian camps, and Jesus proved to be the expert camp director.  - Dr. Dan Bolin

Dan had the honor as the special guest to share about Jesus: Camp Director on Campfire Conversations with Christian Camping International

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I met with Dan Bolin once a month when I first became a camp director. I had already been a part of camp life for a decade and still had a lot to learn. His mentoring helped tremendously and am so thankful for many of his teachings in book form! Outlining the 10 Principles of Camp Ministry is a biblical master class on many aspects to being a camp leader.

Paul Biles

Executive Director

Tejas Camp and Retreats, Texas

Jesus: Camp Director is an insightful and refreshing perspective on the unique and powerful experience of Christian camping. Bolin's years of leadership in camping is evident as he outlines the wholistic nature of Christ's ministry to his "staff" and to his "campers." The principles of ministry outlined in this book are clear and effective. Everyone in camping leadership can benefit from this book!

Brent Bounds, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist

New York

This was an absolutely delightful read! Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself motivated in ministry. The ideas are insightful and the applications to camp ministry are made with graceful impact.

Dr. Wayne Braudrick

Lead Pastor

Frisco Bible Church, Texas

The feeding of the 5,000 offers a window into how Jesus approached ministry. This quick read is packed with helpful insights and valuable gems for the Christian camping professional, or about anyone in ministry.

Dathan Brown

Former Executive Director

Hume Lake Christian Camps, California

No one embodies Christian Camping like my former colleague and current friend, Dan Bolin. His keen understanding and experience of the life-changing work of camping ministry and his love for God's Word meet in the creative example of Jesus, the 5,000, and the thousands of campers and staff Dan has influenced as a leader over 5 decades of faithful service. Dive into Jesus: Camp Director and be grounded, encouraged, and inspired.

Dr. April Moreton

Executive Director of Advancement

Evangelical Alliance Mission, Minnesota

Dan Bolin has a demonstrated passion for coming along side of young learning camp directors and also seasoned older camp ministry staff, clearly communicating through his experience and scripture the Biblical principles of servant leadership. Jesus: Camp Director, is a book you should read as you begin your ministry in camping and also a book I have enjoyed and learned from as a lifelong seasoned veteran of the camping ministry.

David "Twig" Hartwig


Faith Bible Camp, Illinois

Dr. Dan Bolin has been known for bringing biblical principles to camp ministry, and this book is no exception. It is incredible how he uncovers the secrets of the Feeding of the 5,000 and translates them into applications in our daily ministerial and personal lives. This book opens new perspectives on the best camp director of all time - Jesus!

Evelyn Rivas de Umana

Executive Director

Christian Camping Latin America

Camp directors learn about these principles quickly when faced with the responsibilities of running camp. How much easier it would have been to have read this book before I started my journey as a camp director. Many of these I learned the hard way. Thanks Dan, for clearly outlining how Jesus handled them.

Ross Bay

New Zealand

Dan Bolin is masterful at drawing parallels between the things we do every day and how that fits into spiritual truths. Dan brings the miracle of feeding the 5,000 to life as he explores what Jesus did with and for his disciples and relates it to camp ministry today. Ten principles that are applicable and practical. A great read for every person in camp leadership!

Sharon Fraess

National Director


Decades ago, Dan mentored me in Christian camping leadership. When I read Jesus: Camp Director I recognized the principles he taught me way back then. The book is written in "chewable bites." Now I have a name for the principle he taught me - I make sure that the people in the church I serve sit on the "green grass"(comfortable chairs that are thoughtfully arranged). Many thanks to Dan for penning this simple, practical instruction for leaders of both church and camp.

Scott Winn


Oh-Be-Joyful Community Church, Colorado

In his book, Jesus: Camp Director, Dan Bolin beautifully and effectively captures the heart of Jesus and applies it to camp ministry. If only I had this book at the beginning of my 25 years in Christian camping! I highly recommend those leading Christian camps, or virtually any Christian ministry, not only read this book, but also use it as a staff training resource.

Sue Nigh

Heartland Conference Retreat Center, Ohio

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