Biblical Designs for Christian Camping and Why it Works Today

Dr. Dan Bolin

Christian camping is more than a nice but superfluous add-on to our spiritual lives. God designed the core elements of time-away, with others, in creation to nurture our relationship with Him.

Bolin’s thorough analysis of familiar Scripture passages, applied to the context of Christian camping is the backbone of his advocacy to “ Thou shalt camp”. 


His well-founded exhortation to rightfully call nature for what it is—God’s creation- made our team of writers and editors do a search and replace for our Online Collection of Creation exploration activities.    


His call to not “hang our head in shame” regarding a common accusation of camp’s deficiency to do  follow-up is replaced with a clear explanation that camps provide a “short-term spiritual banquet, not long-term spiritual nourishment, which is the local church’s role.

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