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Dr. Dan Bolin

Retreats, camps, conferences, and adventure experiences are the places where the people of God, the love of God, the truth of God, and the grace of God intersect. And at that convergence - within the beauty of God’s majestic creation – lives are changed forever and ever.  (Excerpt from Blueprints)

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Biblical Designs for Christian Camping
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow


Few tools in God’s toolbox are as effective as Christian camping. Children, young people, and adults make life-changing as well as eternity-changing decisions at camp. So, why does it work? Maybe the answer lies in God’s magnificent design for our world. Maybe God built us to be campers! Maybe the more we align ourselves with God’s design, the more we become aware of God’s glory seen in creation and more open to the good news provided in God’s Word. 

Blueprints examines several biblical passages to discover God’s design for Christian camping. And to understand why the ingredients of time, relocation, relationships, creation, and spiritual intents coalesce to form the recipe for transformational moments.   

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Christian camping is mushrooming around the globe. The unique expressions that are emerging in Africa, Asia, and Latin America arise from committed, energetic, sacrificial leaders who work tirelessly to share God’s love and God’s Word with their campers.   

Christian Camping International (CCI) provides the connection point for information to flow and relationship to blossom within the worldwide Christian camping community. Together, Christian camping leaders from all corners of the world share best practices, face common challenges, and encourage one another.  

The prayer of Refueling in Flight is that by partnering with CCI and other like-minded ministries, this book will produce a double blessing – a blessing to the readers and a blessing to the leaders of the Christian camping movement worldwide. 

Proceeds from the book sales will support the Christian camping movement around the world.

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In addition, you can donate directly to our Blueprints Bonus Box project. For each Blueprints Bonus Box donated - Refueling in Flight Ministries will ship 50 books (one Bonus Box) to a Christian camping ministry overseas.  Some of the countries included in the Bonus Box Project: India, Philippines, Jamaica, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory coast, Nepal, South Africa, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Nigeria.

$650 donation will cover the cost of shipping and 50 books.

Nonprofit Organizations Can Buy Directly from Refueling in Flight

Discounted bulk sales available exclusively for Nonprofit Organizations.  

Email proof of nonprofit status to Upon receipt, your boxes will be ordered.

All other sales must be made via the Amazon link.

Prices listed in US dollars.

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