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200 Year Road Trip

Jim, Dan and Paul Bolin's epic journey out west! 

By way of introduction:

My older brother, Jim is now 68, I’m 67, and my younger brother, Paul, is 65. The math is pretty straight-forward, yes, together we are 200-years old! Collectively we have been married for 123 years! We have six children, four sons or daughters-in-law, and eight adorable grandchildren.

Jim is a South Dakota State Senator (Assistant Majority Leader), I retired from the presidency of Christian Camping International a little over a year ago. Paul retired from his position as Professor of Art Education at the University of Texas at Austin last year as well.


What’s ahead? Two weeks of arguing politics and religion, trash talking college and professional football, predicting baseball play-off matchups, eating badly, and sharing our versions of memories encrusted with multiple layers of biased recollections.


Thank you for following along as I reminisce, share pictures, and blog the adventures Bolin Brothers’ 200-Year Road Trip!

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