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Thursday Sept 12

Tumalo Falls

Wednesday we started driving to the trailhead for a hike to Tumalo Falls – a fabulous drive through forests, along rivers, and between mountains. The hike to the falls was a short but steep quarter mile, but the walk to the next falls, Double Falls, was about a mile. This pathway was much less challenging. The quiet serenity of the forest hike, along with the power and majesty of the two secluded falls was well worth the minimal effort it took to reach them.

Oregon State Fair

Growing up, I desperately wanted to go to the Oregon State Fair. But never did! As a child I wondered what went on behind that wire mesh fence than surrounded the ‘border-line sinful’ fairgrounds. I imagined the excitement of crashing into my brothers’ bumper cars or riding spinning saucers. I fantasized about winning a huge stuffed animal by tossing rings over bottles, popping enough balloons to bring home a goldfish in plastic bag, or slamming the hammer hard enough to ring the bell. I craved cotton candy and drooled for a turkey leg. The thought of seeing a bearded lady or a 200-pound baby creeped me out—but still, I wanted a peek. Our family was not the State Fair type. We camped, went to ballgames, and never missed church, but the Fair, not quite on our radar. Sometime after I reached the age of accountability, I almost got there. But it wasn’t to be. I moved to Tyler, Texas and found an amazing jewel, the East Texas State Fair. Attending became my annual tradition. I loved it. I didn’t ride many rides and never won a stuffed animal. Most of my attention focused on the scrumptious, juicy turkey legs, greezy tornado fries, and the delicious Trinity Lutheran Church’s pies. I enjoyed the pig races, cows, sheep, rabbits, and the amazing piano playing chicken. Life doesn’t get much better that the East Texas Fair! But I always wonder what the Oregon State Fair would have been like!


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