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Monday Sept 2

We spent last night in Castle Rock – Just south of Denver. I unpacked my tennis shoes this morning and discovered the large tube of sunscreen that I safely packed inside my left shoe had opened – one thing for sure – the inside of my left tennis shoe will not get sunburned anytime soon!

On the road, Paul and I drove to Chris (Jim and Ruth’s son) and Jen’s home near downtown Denver. Chris and Jen welcomed Jack into the world in May and this is the first time for Paul and me to meet him. It is always fun to be around Chris and Jen – and now Jack! They full of life and adventure. So many memories of Chris as a child with his bedroom jam packed with Legos! Or in a bathrobe playing Joseph in the Christmas story! I was honored to perform their wedding in 2008 in Miles City, Montana!

We are back on the road. All the generations are changing lanes. Our age group is drifting into the slow lane, moving toward the off ramp. Chris and Jen’s generation are driving in the fast lane and making great progress. And Jack – well he and his friends will be driving before we know it.

But today – we are still driving just over the speed limit!

Facebook has reconnected so many of us. Several years ago, Cay and I were in Colorado for a meeting, so I contacted my college friends, Brent and Liz who live in the area. They drove farther than I realized to join us for dinner and what a great time!

A few years ago, Paul and I drove through their town and we enjoyed another too brief encounter. Today we met at Johnson’s Corner Truck Stop for awesome sweet rolls and even better conversations. It is amazing how quickly we get caught up with each other’s lives. 10 years pass and it’s like a comma in a run-on sentence. Brent retired too and now has a business selling coffee. If you drink such a beverage, try Top of the Lake Coffee. Brent says it is great, so I’ll take his word for it!

We hope to eat dinner this evening in Preston, Idaho.

Yes, we will stop there intentionally. If you know why, great! If you don’t – that’s good too. Vote for Pedro!


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