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On the Road Again

I said goodbye to Cay at National Airport in Washington DC this morning and flew to Dallas where brother Paul picked me up. My flight arrived a few minutes early and so did Paul – and we were on the road. A friend of mine calls West Texas, the World’s Largest Cat Litter Box! Actually, it is quite beautiful, desolate, but beautiful: antelope, rock formations, open prairie. Small town after small town grace Hwy 287 between Wichita Falls and Amarillo. I like the quiet and the solitude – for a while. We are now in Colorado enjoying the change of scenery. Hoping to get another few hours of driving in before we have had all the fun we can take for one day. Looking forward to adding brother Jim to the adventure tomorrow. Great day getting caught up with Paul! Road trips like this remind me why I don’t drink coffee. As a child I would become violently carsick whenever we drove more than a few blocks from home. To remedy the problem, my parents kept an empty coffee can in the car, always available if I needed to throw-up. I traveled for miles with waves of nausea colliding with the ‘aroma’ of coffee. That childhood memory has kept me away from coffee and loving hot chocolate for over 60 years!

And that’s just one childhood influence that shaped my life. Maybe I’ll discover a few more along the way.


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