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This May Hurt A Little

“If you have never been hurt by a word from God, it is probably that you have never heard God speak.”- Amy Carmichael

I needed some dental work; a cavity had invaded my lower left molar. Before my dentist started the procedure, she prepared a painkilling injection and said, “This may hurt a little.”

As I sat there with my mouth propped open and the lights glowing overhead, it seemed ironic that the action required to block the pain, could hurt a little. To feel a lot better I might experience a small amount of discomfort.

Proverbs is filled with wise insights into human relationships. One perceptive observation says, “Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.” (Proverbs 27:6) Authentic relationships may at times be painful. But a true friend can be trusted to do and say what is best. There may be moments when the most loving and helpful action requires the preface, this may hurt a little.

Anyone can multiply kisses to manipulate others while actually trying to achieve their own objectives. Only an authentic friend will risk saying what needs to be said or doing what needs to be done to address a significant problem.

The anesthetic wore off after a few short hours; however, my tooth has been strong and healthy ever since.

Dan Bolin


Refueling in Flight Ministries


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