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There's Always A Way Out

"The temptation once yielded to gains power. The crack in the embankment which lets a drop or two ooze through is soon a hole which lets out a flood."

-Alexander MacLaren

Hurricane Florence swirled off the East Coast of the United States for about a week before making its deadly rampage inland. Space Station photos showed the immensity of the storm; special airplanes flew into the wild winds to gather accurate data, and computer models projected the time and place of landfall.  

To facilitate those escaping the intense winds and massive flooding, the government modified the roadways allowing traffic to drive away from the coast on both sides of the freeway. Restaurants offered special prices for evacuees, and inland shelters housed thousands of displaced people. 

But despite the constant warnings, relentless evacuation orders, and significant support for those in danger, a few people chose to stay in the path of the storm. Some died. 

Evacuation plans are critical when facing all types of storms. The Corinthians experienced multiple storms of temptation. Paul told them, “ But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.” (I Corinthians 10:13b)

Storms of temptation will come your way, but God always provides an escape route. The question remains, will we stay close to the adrenaline rush of temptation, or use the escape route God always provides?  


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