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The Page Turner

By Dan Bolin

The smallest things become great when God requires them of us; they are small only in themselves; they are always great when they are done for God.

- Francois Fenelon

I attended a wonderful concert a few weeks ago where three young musicians performed a work by Franz Shubert. The pianist, violinist, and cellist came on stage to thunderous applause. Unannounced and mainly unnoticed another young lady joined the three and sat behind and to the left of the pianist.

The pianist was masterful during the 40-minute recital. Her fingers danced flawlessly across the keyboard, never missing a note of the complex and challenging composition. Her hands were too busy to deal with the sheet music, so the other young lady turned the pages, keeping the correct music in front of the pianist throughout the performance.

The helper never wavered; she turned pages forward and back, always staying attentive to her responsibilities. Without her help, the performance would have been interrupted, disjointed, and awkward. At the end, she slipped away as the trio received a standing ovation.

Paul reminded the Galatians of the importance of serving others. He said, “Serve one another in love.” (Galatians 5:13)

Don’t be ashamed to be a page-turner, assisting others as they exercise their gifts. And don’t forget to share the applause when others help you meet the special challenges of life.

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