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No Room For Weeds

Nº 140 weekly devotions to refresh your soul by Dr. Dan Bolin - April 6, 2021

"I am graven on the palms of His hands. I am never out of His mind. All my knowledge of Him depends on His sustained initiative in knowing me. I know Him, because He first knew me, and continues to know me. He knows me as a friend, One who loves me; and there is no moment when His eye is off me, or His attention distracted for me, and no moment, therefore, when His care falters." - J.I. Packer

Before condo life, springtime meant yardwork. With longer days and warmer weather, my St. Augustine grass would awaken from dormancy, but so would dandelions, crabgrass, and other invasive weeds. One year, I went to an expert for advice. How can I keep the weeds out of my yard? I asked. The answer was simple yet profound. The best way to keep the weeds out, he replied, is to keep your lawn heathy! A healthy lawn leaves no room for weeds to take root. Great wisdom for lawncare and better advice for soul care! The writer of Hebrews understood the issue. “See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.” (Hebrews 12:15) Missing the grace of God is a dangerous misstep. Failing to receive God’s grace means we miss His love and forgiveness. Failing to share God’s grace with others means we miss the heart of our Christian calling. Receiving and sharing God’s grace provides the spiritual health we need to prevent bitterness from taking root in our lives. Grow in grace and leave no room for unhealthy, destructive, and invasive attitudes in your soul.

Dan Bolin President Refueling in Flight Ministries, Inc


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