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Doubly Blessed

Nº 277

Make God the peculiar object of your praises. . . If God so distinguishes you with His mercies, you ought to distinguish yourself in His praises. You should make it your great care and study how to glorify that God who has been so peculiarly merciful to you. - Jonathan Edwards

When an author repeats something, it is probably important! In Psalm 107:15 the psalmist states, “Let them thank the Lord for his steadfast love, for his wondrous works to the children of man!” Sixteen verses later, in verse 31, the exact words are repeated.

The repetitious wording emphasizes the powerful expectation of this wonderful thanksgiving psalm. We should thank the Lord for His love for us, as well as the result that love has in our lives.

Thanking God for His steadfast love is our response to who God is. God is love (I John 4:8 & 16). But additionally, we thank God for His wondrous works to the children of man! Our thanksgiving is also for what He has done.

As Thanksgiving Day in the USA approaches, remember the true focus of this event is more significant than turkeys, pumpkin pies, and football. As wonderful as the traditions are, as sumptuous as the meal may be, and as exciting as the games may be, our hearts should overflow because of who God is and what He has done for us. This year, thank the Lord for His steadfast love, and for His wondrous works to the children of man!


Dan Bolin

Author & President

Refueling in Flight Ministries, Inc


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