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Refreshment for the Soul

Refueling in Flight exists to encourage, assist, and connect Christian ministry leaders, especially camping leaders, in the United States and around the world. This is done through: Writing - weekly devotions, periodic blogs, and books. Teaching - in academic settings, professional training events, and churches. Connecting - through CEO Dialogues, international partnerships and retreats.

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@ Refueling in Flight Weekly Devotions

How did you know I needed Hebrews 12 this morning? Oh yea, God knew. I began chemo yesterday with the distinct understanding that if the treatment doesn’t work, I will die. So I look to Jesus with hope.

- Reader, California

@ CEO Dialogues

" I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and only wish they could have been longer! It was encouraging and invigorating to listen to others who are dealing with many of the same challenges I face on a daily basis. Dan Bolin's facilitation was top-notch, and the insights he injected into the conversations were exceedingly wise and helpful. It's a great format, and I highly recommend it "

- Craig, Canada

@ The Eye of the Storm

Your post has brought so many emotions I thought I had dealt with but they always come back up when I read your posts, I have come to understand that you can deal with things as reality but the sadness will come sometimes . . . Your writing makes me cry everyday but they are tears and emotions that if used for God's glory I might be a tool for someone else. As we both know, no one can help a person who has lost a child like another person who has lost a child. May God bless you for helping me and so many others . . .

- Sharon, Texas

@ Refueling in Flight Weekly Devotions 

Another powerful lesson & always just what I need to hear & read over & over again.  I always learn something new from you !  Had never heard the term heliotropic!   . . . And thank you always for your prayers for me.  What a gift!

- Connie, Texas

@ Outdoor Education Ministries

It was a very special class. I especially found the materials very useful. At the same time, I grew up in a compassion project. Although my family was Christian, I was not. I decided to follow the Lord in a camp. Since then, I have organized and participated in many camps. Glory to God! 

- Mulugeta, Ethiopia

@ CEO Dialogues

To be able to sit down and hash out issues that the majority of us as leaders deal with is an invaluable opportunity. When we are vulnerable about our struggles as leaders that's when real change can happen!

Brad, Canada

Writings by Dan Bolin

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