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Do the Ride Thing

Nº 136 weekly devotions to refresh your soul by Dr. Dan Bolin - March 9, 2021

“I have one desire now – to live a life of reckless abandon for the Lord, putting all my energy and strength into it.” -Elisabeth Elliot

Our granddaughter loves to ride her blue rocking horse. She rides miles and miles, entertaining herself and enjoying the day. Yet for all that time on her pony, she never goes anywhere!

The energy expended riding is not intended to accomplish anything, just keep her happy and fill her day. That’s a great way to live if you are one-and-a-half years old. However, that lifestyle of ineffectiveness is unacceptable for those of us who are a little older and expected to be responsible and get things done. Jesus told a parable about a wealthy man who went on a journey. He entrusted ten minas (about three months wages) to each of his ten servants. He left these instructions, “Put this money to work . . . until I come back.” (Luke 19:13) Whether you see the minas as the gospel, spiritual gifts, opportunities, abilities, or something else, the critical issue is what we do with what God gives us. Comfortably rocking along enjoying the ride, seeing familiar scenery yet being self-absorbed is a tragedy! Let’s invest ourselves doing what God calls us to do – following Him, drawing others to Him, and helping those within our spheres of influence.

Dan Bolin President Refueling in Flight Ministries, Inc


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