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Cleaning House

Nº 260

weekly devotions to refresh your soul by Dr. Dan Bolin - July 25, 2023

Precisely because we cannot predict the moment, we must be ready at all moments. - C.S. Lewis

Living in the Washington, D.C. area we get lots of guests – and we love it. Friends come from near and far to see monuments, visit historic sites, attend meetings, and experience the energy of the city.

Before every visit, we clean house. The ritual involves picking up, dusting, vacuuming, washing, straightening, and on and on. We want to make sure everything is just right to honor our guests.

The Apostle John gave some sage advice as to how we should prepare for the ultimate Visitor who is scheduled to arrive – we just don’t know when. “We shall see Him as He is. And everyone that thus hopes in Him purifies himself as He is pure.” (I John 3:2b-3)

Cleaning up before any guest arrives is a good idea, but cleaning up before The Visitor arrives is essential. Purifying ourselves simply means becoming more like Jesus – more loving, more truthful, more compassionate, more service-oriented, and more faithful.

Keeping your life in a constant state of readiness is the best way to stay prepared for the visit of a lifetime. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for His arrival. Start today and purify yourself to be more and more like Jesus.


Dan Bolin

Author & President

Refueling in Flight Ministries, Inc


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