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All For One

“Gifts are not for a few but for all, and every believer has abilities which the Holy Spirit has given and can use to strengthen others. And it is the supreme joy of life to discover what they are and then pour yourself out to others through these gifts. And you will find them if you really desire to be God's instrument in bringing about faith and joy in other people.” - John Piper

About 25 years ago, a friend gave me a Leatherman Tool®. It has two knife blades, two screwdrivers, scissors, a file, and more! Better yet, the whole gizmo unfolds creating a pair of powerful pliers. Whenever I go on an outdoor adventure, it goes with me.

I’m also amazed by the engineering. All those tools fold into a compact little block. I never know what tool I’ll need, but I’m ready.

Peter used the example of a house with many bricks to describe the Church. “You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house.” (I Peter 2:5) Paul used the human body to illustrate the complexity of Church community: “There are many parts, but one body.” (I Corinthians 12:20)

The Master Designer has given each of us a special gift to benefit the entire group. But a knife won’t do when we encounter a problem that calls for pliers. God designed us to need one another. We all have ways to contribute, yet none of can do everything on our own. Use your gifts to help others today. And welcome the help you receive from those around you. 


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