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Worldwide Circle with

Norman Doney by Dan Bolin

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Norman Doney is new to his role as International Director of Christian Camping International, but not new to the world of Christian camping or the fellowship of the international Christian camping family. Norman founded Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre. CYE is a camp ministry in the UK that utilizes a converted naval vessel for its water-sports oriented youth camp. Norman has also been active for decades helping camping ministries in Europe and around the world. 

In a recent Zoom conversation, I asked Norman how the CCI world is responding to the challenges of Covid. As expected, Norman relayed that things are tough around the world. Some camps have suspended operations, laid off staff, and are struggling to survive. However, I was delighted to hear the flipside of the picture.


Three things stood out. 

ONE  CCI leaders are resilient. They are adjusting, creating new ministry models, and continually relying on God’s faithfulness during the pandemic.  

TWO  Four worldwide initiatives have brought the international Christian camping family closer together: (1) Executive Leaders Cohorts  (2) Emerging Leaders Cohorts (3) Monthly Training Events and (4) Monthly Prayer and Fellowship Events .


THREE  Virtual conferences have allowed more people to participate and these have created opportunities for new relationships to develop around the world. 

Norman also mentioned three prayer requests. 

ONE  Five regional gatherings are scheduled over the next six months. Please pray for the planning and technical effectiveness of these events. 


TWO  The small team of Norman (UK), Vicki Partridge (UK), and Jennie Davies (New Zealand) are carrying a huge load. Please pray for their stamina and ability to connect with cultures around the world.  

THREE  Pray for the CCI-Worldwide Board as they establish plans for growth and adjustment after the pandemic.   


To receive regular updates about CCI-Worldwide, subscribe here: #together or follow their social media sites, Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter. 

Norman, thank you for your global leadership during such a unique time in history.

Did you know?

Christian Camping International traces its beginnings to a meeting of 13 camp / conference centre directors at Mount Hermon Conference Centre in California in November 1950. They were called together by Dr. Fulton Lytle, the host, and Dr. Walter Warkentin and Graham Tinning to discuss mutual concerns for Christ-centred camping.

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