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Who's in Control Here?

Nº 174 weekly devotions to refresh your soul by Dr. Dan Bolin - November 30, 2021

The roll of the dice, the fall of a bird, the crawl of a worm, the movement of stars, the falling of snow, the blowing of wind, the loss of sight, the suffering of saints, and the death of all — these are included in the word of God: “I will accomplish all my purpose” — from the smallest to the greatest. John Piper

Luke begins his account of Christ’s birth, “In those days, a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered.” (Luke 2:1) Caesar Augustus was the head of the Roman Empire. His great uncle, Julius Caesar, adopted him, and following his assassination, Julius’ titles, wealth, and the loyalty of his powerful army fell to the 18-year-old Augustus. Wars and intrigue followed but eventually, Augustus survived, and the Roman Empire thrived. The 45 years of Augustus’ reign are called the Golden Age of Rome. Roman control stretched from Spain to Egypt – including Judea. And then, whether for tax purposes or pride, Augustus decreed that all the world should be registered. Mary and Joseph returned to their ancestral home, Bethlehem, for the registration. They arrived just in time for Jesus’ entry into this world - the exact place Micah had predicted 600 years earlier. (Micah 5:2) Like a pawn on a chessboard, God moved the most powerful person in the world to achieve His purpose. An unreasonable governmental edict, military might, economic power, and political domination could not restrain God from demonstrating his love for us. Caesar Augustus sent a decree to all the world, but God sent His Son.

Dan Bolin President Refueling in Flight Ministries, Inc


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