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Wherever you go, God is with you - watching over you, protecting you, and providing the truth you need for every situation. The question is, will you open your heart to His Word, apply it to your life, and allow God to change you so that He can use you in ways far greater than you can imagine? - Charles Stanley

God’s command to Jonah could not have been clearer: “Go to the great city of Ninevah and preach against it.” (Jonah 1:2)

Many have speculated as to why but for whatever reason, Jonah headed in the opposite direction from Ninevah. He tried to run away from God. He headed to the coast, boarded a ship, sailed west, encountered a massive storm, was tossed overboard, and swallowed by a giant fish. Three days later he was spit up on the beach. There God repeated His command.

One lesson we can learn from Jonah’s actions is that we can run from God, but we cannot run away from God. Wherever we go, He will be right behind us.

We can run away from God’s commands, our commitments, and the community that loves us, but we can never get any distance between us and God. He loves us enough to follow us in our wanderings and desertions.

Jesus calls us to follow Him. But when we don’t, He follows us. Not to catch us doing something wrong, but to be ready to give us a hug when we turn around. Walk closely to God but when you don’t, remember, He always walks closely behind you.


Dan Bolin

Author & President

Refueling in Flight Ministries, Inc


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