A Remarkable Year

Refreshment for the Soul

What's ahead?

I do not take a salary from RIF - however there are ongoing expenses. Approximately $1,300 monthly covers office rent, supplies, and maintaining the administrative, technical, and editing help we need to function.

  • Over the past two years, I have written two books on Christian camping. Thou Shalt Camp, a study of 12 key passages that provide the biblical foundation for this unique ministry. And Jesus: Camp Director, takes a look at the ministry principles Jesus employed when he ran a ‘day camp’ for 5,000 hungry campers. We are shopping these manuscripts to publishers; but due to the specific niche, we anticipate self-publishing will cost approximately $10,000 each.

  • I am currently scheduled to teach camping courses in Ethiopia, Russia, and Myanmar. Ethiopia will be taught remotely during January due to Covid-19 concerns. Russia in February is looking doubtful. But Myanmar is hopeful for the fall. Each trip requires around $5,000 for travel, accommodations, visas, and related expenses. I’m guessing we will need $5,000 for one international trip in 2021.

  • We are experimenting with a virtual CEO Dialogue with CCI-Canada in February. We held two excellent face-to-face events early in 2020 but the ones scheduled later in the year cancelled. Participant fees cover the majority of these events.

  • The Men’s Fishing Adventure is also a fee-based event, but we have related expenses beyond the cost for the participants. Travel and related expenses will be about $5,000.