A Remarkable Year

Refreshment for the Soul

I was only 23 years old when Catie was diagnosed, and though I’d lost my dad at 19, this was my first real up close and personal look at suffering. And joy in suffering. I watched back then as a fairly young believer and can remember every bit of it... Time goes on and unfortunately other “storms” have come and gone in my life. But Catie’s sickness was my first. I want to say thank you for not wasting your pain, God has used it in my life powerfully.

- Tracy

Thank you, Dan, for each of these. I have looked forward to them in my in-box but have had to choke back the tears as I read. I am grateful for how God has used you in my life ALL THESE YEARS in countless ways, and how he continues to.

- April

Your post has brought so many emotions I thought I had dealt with but they always come back up when I read your posts, I have come to understand that you can deal with things as reality but the sadness will come sometime. . . Your writing makes me cry everyday but they are tears and emotions that if used for God's glory I might be a tool for someone else. As we both know, no one can help a person who has lost a child like another person who has lost a child. May God bless you for helping me and so many others . .

- Sharon

I didn’t want more time to go by without thanking you for writing “The Eye of the Storm”. You mentioned in the “Introduction” how you wrote “The Eye of the Storm” to help yourself and that you were hopeful it would help others as well. I’m here to tell you that you did help others because it helped me through my “October Storm.”

- Matt

This is What They are Saying . . .