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Walking Away From Easter

“The great gift of Easter is hope – Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in His ultimate triumph, and in His goodness and love, which nothing can shake.”- Basil Hume

Shattered hope is a painful reality. We all experience expectations that fly high but then come crashing down. That was the experience of Jesus’ disciples. Not just the Twelve but the expanding circle of Jesus’ followers as well.   

Two of those discouraged, confused, and fearful disciples walked home to Emmaus late on Sunday afternoon. As they trudged toward home and toward despair, a third traveler appeared and joined their conversation.

After recounting to the stranger the events of the last 24 hours, their hopelessness was evident: “But we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel.” (Luke 24:21)

Eventually, Jesus revealed himself to the men. He confirmed His victory over death, and they realized that Jesus had risen victoriously from the grave. The two travelers returned to Jerusalem and proclaimed to the other disciples, “It is true! The Lord has risen.” (Luke 24:34)

Easter provides a season of hope. Whatever the loss, whatever the source of despair or discouragement, take heart. Jesus’ victory over sin and death 2,000 years ago ensures that we have hope that will one day overwhelm whatever disappointment we face right now. 

We are called to walk away from Easter with new hope and courage.


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